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Article: Teulat - Spanish design in a modern way

Teulat - Spanish design in a modern way - Eye on Design

Teulat - Spanish design in a modern way

The Teulat brand has been impressing with its designs for years, combining functionality and aesthetics - so that you don't have to choose between comfort and a truly designer finish. Learn more about the philosophy of the Teulat brand, and experience products with Spanish soul and Mediterranean temperament.

Teulat table and chairs in the dining room
Dam wooden chairs combined with Atlas round table

1 - How was the Teulat brand created?

Speaking of Teulat, it is important to start first of all by emphasizing that this family-owned brand has more than 30 years of experience in designing, as well as manufacturing designer furniture. Thanks to the involvement of prominent designers from the Yonoh studio, Cambres Design, Aguskim, among others, as well as an original approach to the applied art of creating furniture with character, today Teulat is one of the most sought-after, and therefore also popular, furniture manufacturing companies.

The brand is headquartered in Valencia, a Spanish city located right on the Mediterranean Sea. This characteristic coastal climate can be felt in almost every project coming out from the pen of the Teulat brand. It was the desire to best reflect the atmosphere of this place that became the foundation in the process of creating

Sadira Teulat beige armchair for living room
Designer Dins armchairs in cream color

The Teulat brand was inspired by the way of life of the Spanish people - a combination of traditional values, simplicity and minimalism with modern chic. The founders of the brand bluntly say that most of their products came precisely from observing the lives of people in the Mediterranean climate. Teulat wants to respond to unmet needs while creating true art.

2 - Ideas behind the Teulat brand

Teulat's greatest inspiration for creating new products is people, their needs and behavior. Designers, through honest observation and a real desire to help, create furniture characterized by above-average quality, and design that catches the eye and makes it hard to forget.

Teulat furniture dining room table chairs
Blue Dam chairs at Cep round table

Another premise of the Teulat brand is relative versatility. This is not to say that the products can fit any style or taste (although this is highly likely), but that they are multi-tasking and can be used in any way.

A perfect example of the diverse nature of Teulat furniture is the Sadira armchair, which can easily be expanded with an additional footrest - you will gain a comfortable lounge set that will take your moment of relaxation to a whole new level.

Sadira Teulat armchair with footrest
Coral Sidra armchair with footrest

3 - Main features of the Teulat brand

The main goal of Teulat products is to maintain relative minimalism. With simplicity hidden behind an innovative approach to furniture creation, Teulat's designs are not only timeless, but also very comfortable. The functionality of Teulat furniture resonates with the brand's main goal of satisfying customers during the daily use of the furniture.

Another distinctive element present in almost every Teulat design is the simple design, which refers to classic patterns that have been present in the canon for years. Deciding to buy Teulat furniture, you can be sure that it will serve you bravely for seasons to come. The brand focuses on solutions that ensure the greatest possible utility, and the appearance of the products is characterized by an expressive, yet warm and homely aesthetic.

black dresser for living room Teulat
Black Blur TV cabinet with slate fronts

The materials used in the production of Teulat furniture, according to the brand's philosophy, should refer to nature and the surrounding world. Therefore, one can easily guess that the main materials used by Teulat designers and manufacturers are, among others, wood or fabrics of natural origin.

4 - Teulat's most popular brand collections

The Teulat brand in recent years has released many collections that will find their way into many arrangements. This diversity allows you to choose freely and perfectly match furniture to individual preferences. Below we will present the most popular collections of the Teulat brand, which have been popular with customers for years..

Cep tables

The mysterious-sounding name Cep is nothing more than a series of minimalist yet striking dining tables, which emphasizes the nobility of wood and detail. All the tables included in the collection were designed by the Cambres Design studio and are made of high-quality wood. Attention is particularly drawn to the two symmetrical, semicircular elements that form the base on which the top rests. Thanks to this solution, the tables not only gain more elegance, but also become symmetrical, which further gives them uniqueness and class.

The timeless form and natural wood texture makes Cep tables ideal for interiors decorated in modern, modern classic or boho style.

Cep Teulat wooden table

Atlas tables

Atlas is another collection of tables created on the principle of contrasts, which is characterized by minimalism and elegance in a modern way. Tables from this collection designed by Cambres Design not only look great, but are also stable and durable. Attention is drawn to the legs with a slightly offset cylindrical shape, which support the top. 

The excellent quality of materials and precision workmanship make Atlas tables the perfect addition to any dining room, as well as the living room.

Atlas Teulat wooden table
Atlas wooden table combined with light gray Uma chairs

Dam Chairs

Modern chairs from the Dam collection are classic and functional. The seats of Dam chairs are made of soft material, so that their use becomes even more pleasant. Specially profiled backrest supports the back, providing them with a comfortable and healthy position. Stable legs keep the chair structure in the right position and give the whole design a firm form.

Perfectly matched proportions and universal use make Dam chairs great for any room.

Dam Teulat Chairs
Designer Dam chairs by Cep black coffee table

Sadira chairs and armchairs

Sadira is one of the most extensive collections of the Teulat brand designed by Morten Georgsen. It includes several lines, including chairs, armchairs, and footstools, among others. Sadira is characterized primarily by its comfortable finish and modernist bucket design, which is also distinguished by its reference to the classics.

Sadira is a modern collection created for people who dream of a comfortable rest and a moment of relaxation, while appreciating good design.

mustard armchair
Mustard Sadira armchair in combination with black Cep coffee table

Nabi Seats

The inspiration for the Aguskim duo to create the Nabi armchairs came from nature, specifically the animal environment. The backrest of the Nabi armchairs is a reference to the wings of a butterfly. The modern form and ubiquitous minimalism go well with raw materials, such as stainless steel. The name Nabi itself comes from the Korean language and means butterfly.

A comfortable armchair reminiscent of futuristic wings can be a perfect addition to a living room or study.

Nabi armchair for living room Teulat
Nabi armchairs combined with Nix table

Arista chests of drawers and cabinets

An elegant, practical and aesthetically pleasing cabinet or dresser? This is what the furniture from the Arista collection designed by Cambres Design studio is. Vibrant colors and preservation of simple forms make Arista dressers a great addition to any interior. Functional Arista chests of drawers will help you stay organized, as well as accommodate all the necessary items.

Among the wide Arista collection you will find dressers, cabinets, as well as display cases and coffee tables that will make you fall in love with them at first sight.

red dresser and cabinet Artista Teulat
Red RTV cabinet and coffee table Arista

Sierra cabinets and dressers

The unusual Sierra collection is a project of the Cambres Design studio created for lovers of nature and mountainous areas. If you want your apartment to remind you of your favorite regions every day, the furniture from the Sierra collection may be the perfect solution for you. Dark shades combined with modern glazing perfectly match each other, while creating aesthetic refractions of light.

A modernist approach to interior design is evident in every piece of furniture in the Sierra collection.

Sierra black Teulat chest of drawers
Black Sierra TV cabinet

Nix tables

The Nix collection of tables focuses on excellent design and elegant finishes. The glass top, which with its texture resembles fragments of crystals, perfectly harmonizes with the metal structure of the legs. Two independent levels make the crystals overlap, creating an unusual visual effect. The creators of the collection are industrial design graduates, namely Eric Cambres and Carlos Garcia.

The hallmark of the Nix coffee table collection is playing with space.

Nix Teulat coffee table
White Nix coffee table with green Sadira chair

Blur cabinets and dressers

The Blur collection includes cabinets, dressers, as well as consoles. An interesting combination of striated glass and natural wood structure makes the furniture from the Blur collection stand out from other decor elements. In addition to original design, the entire collection also guarantees functionality.

The use of glass with a distinctive texture makes the silhouettes of the objects inside blurry and gives the whole an artistic expression.

Black Blur Teulat Bookcase
Black dresser with glass front Blur

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