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Article: Nordlux - a Danish brand that is easy to fall in love with

Nordlux - a Danish brand that is easy to fall in love with - Eye on Design

Nordlux - a Danish brand that is easy to fall in love with

More than 40 years of experience in the production of high-quality lighting has allowed the Nordlux brand to create a true empire that now leads the way in the creation of designer lighting products. Light has a huge impact on the appearance of an interior, as well as on the atmosphere that lingers in it. With just a few appropriately selected bulbs, you are able to create the atmosphere you dream of. Speaking of artificial light, however, you can not forget about lamps and chandeliers, which are not only a practical element, without which it is difficult to imagine a finished interior, but also an original decoration of the.

black dining room pendant lamp
Belly pendant lamp in black

When looking for the perfect lamp, one can easily come to the conclusion that this is not an easy task. With this in mind, the Nordlux brand meets the expectations of customers, while creating collections of designer lamps.

Scandinavian roots

The Nordlux brand was founded in 1977 in Denmark. What distinguished it from other companies was primarily its individual approach to the ever-changing needs of the customer and its investment in intensive development, which resulted in innovative lighting combining classic and modern.

glossy nordlux lamp
The subtle Glossy lamp has been finished in marble and brass

Danes are a nation that pays special attention to the functionality and usability of furniture and everyday items. Knowing this, the Nordlux brand decided to produce lighting that will be a common denominator for practicality and excellent design.

Lilly lamps Nordlux
The unusual Lilly collection consists of a floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp and pendant lamp

Inspired by people

All products that have come out from the pen of designers working for the Nordlux brand are the result of observation of the needs, and preferences of society. The founders of the company were well aware of the importance of matching the product to the customer's preferences - that's why their lighting quickly gained a lot of fans, and thus popularity and recognition. For the Nordlux brand, the inspiration for creating new collections constantly comes from people.

Ellen Nordlux white table lamp
The minimalist Ellen table lamp impresses with its geometric shape

Lamps from the Nordlux brand are unique in every way, starting with their remarkable design and ending with high class workmanship. All Nordlux products are designed to be a part of everyday use, as well as to emphasize the beauty of the interior in which they will be placed. As is well known, light has a huge impact on the appearance and perception of the interior. Therefore, when deciding to purchase lamps, it is worth taking into account that they should not be overwhelming. Danish lamps by Nordlux are the ideal solution for those who appreciate simplicity and original solutions.

Nordlux dining room pendant lamp
The black Mobile pendant lamp is the perfect choice over the dining room table

Selected Nordlux products

The Nordlux brand's wide range of products includes floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, as well as pendant lamps. The brand's product portfolio is really impressive, so we decided to give you a little insight into a few products that will easily bring a breath of Scandinavian design into your interior.

Alton table lamp

The Alton table lamp combines sophisticated tinted glass and a minimalist base shape to create a modern interpretation of classic lamps. The combination of dark glass and black metal creates a modern design in a Scandinavian climate. Alton will add class and chic to the interior, while being a charming addition, which does not impose its form on the rest of the decor..

Alton table lamp black
Alton table lamp in black

Notti Table Lamp

Notti is a minimalist table lamp with a round white opal glass shade, which contrasts well with the matte black metal base. The contemporary shape of the Notti table lamp will find a great place in a bedroom, dining room or study. The lamp emits a soft, cozy light. In the Notti collection you will also find a pendant lamp.

Notti table lamp Nordlux
Minimalist table lamp Notti is the perfect addition to a Scandinavian interior

Josephine pendant lamp

Josephine is a decorative and modern pendant lamp that impresses with its original design. Raw metal gives an industrial character, so that the whole design perfectly harmonizes with brass and elegant details. The lamp, together with the right light bulbs, will create a moody atmosphere and make your interior emanate a unique ambience.

Clyde Nordlux pendant lamp
Josefine pendant lamp is the quintessence of modernity and elegance

Lampa Clyde

Clyde pendant lamp is Scandinavian design combined with innovative technology. The excellent quality of the Clyde lamp is noticeable to the naked eye, and its remarkable appearance makes it difficult to pass by indifferently. Clyde has a practical dimmer, so you can adjust the light intensity regulation to suit your needs and mood. The Clyde pendant lamp will be perfect over the dining room table or in the kitchen.

Clyde Nordlux black pendant lamp
The unusual shape of the Clyde pendant lamp will catch the attention of any visitor

Cera floor lamp

Bend is a modern floor lamp that combines minimalist form with functionality. Simple lines and matte black metal create an elegant atmosphere in the spirit of Scandinavian decor. 

Cera floor lamp Nordlux
Cera floor lamp in gold is a beautiful addition to any stylish arrangement

Balance wall lamp

The classic Balance wall lamp is characterized by its minimalist form and timeless functionality. Clean, simple lines and matte black metal create an elegant atmosphere in keeping with the spirit of Scandinavian decor. Thanks to the exceptionally refined design, the light comes out evenly and softly. Each lamp has a built-in dimming function, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the light. At this point it is worth mentioning that the Balance collection also includes floor lamps, pendant lamps, as well as table lamps.

Nordlux Balance black wall lamp
Balance wall lamp in black is a functional addition to the bedroom or living room


Check out all Nordlux brand products available in our offer and find your dream model!

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