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What do we furnish today?

We have an eye on design

You will find avant-garde armchairs in various designs and colors that will bring a unique atmosphere to your living room. We have prepared extremely comfortable and stylish desks for the office, and beautiful tables and chairs for the dining room. And for dessert, we have prepared many collections of fascinating accessories: wall decorations and textiles are just the beginning of the adventure with accessories. The whole will be successfully crowned with original lighting - hanging lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and desk lamps, and finally wall sconces.

If you love designer furniture, you will definitely like the Eye on Design store. Eclecticism, vintage, industrial, glamor, art deco or boho? What style will you choose?

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Extraordinary coffee tables

Our extensive collection of coffee tables, available in unusual colors and shapes, will allow you to enliven your space in no time. Find your dream model!

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Unique furniture, lamps and accessories at your fingertips

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We are design lovers

Designer furniture, lighting and accessories

Fascinating, innovative, unique - that's what designer furniture is at Eye on Design. We have created an eclectic world of stylish furniture and original accessories, thanks to which you will embark on an unusual journey through interior trends, cult design and designs of top brands. We are here so that design lovers don't have to look any further to find a place that understands their needs and passion. Eye on Design is the quintessence of good design.

Interior design inspiration

Eclectic world of furniture and accessories

Tell a story with an interior

We like to think that a home is a place that tells a story about our goals, dreams and desires, and at the same time reflects the whole personality of the owner. The ideal home is one where utility and functionality intertwine with good taste, and where designer furniture and decorations harmonize with your sense of aesthetics. Everything you see around you every day is you: colors, patterns, materials, compositions, textures and shapes. Choose such unique furniture that you will love with all of you and whose design will harmonize with your personality and lifestyle.

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Personalize your interior

Play with design and express yourself

Create an expressive decor - we can help you do it. Flawlessly select interior elements in the style you like best. Discover colors that make you feel at home and add a pinch of creativity to create the atmosphere of your dreams. What will yours be - full of sensitivity and romance, or on the contrary, lively energy and dynamism? We want to accompany you every step of decorating your own interior and help you choose products that you will fall in love with. Or you have already fallen in love.

Just a pinch of creativity is enough to breathe life into a predictable and trite interior. Combined with original lighting and accessories, an interesting pattern on the wall will be the perfect solution to arrange the space and create a unique look.


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Unique commercial spaces

Give your interiors a unique character and delight your guests.

Take an amazing journey through various styles, patterns and motifs that will help you create a unique interior for your office, hotel lobby, restaurant or clinic.