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Article: How to choose the perfect sofa for the living room?

How to choose the perfect sofa for the living room?

How to choose the perfect sofa for the living room?

Do you want to refresh your living room? Are you thinking about replacing your sofa, but don't know how to choose the best model? If so, you must know that you have come to the right place, because especially with people like you in mind we have created this short article, from which you will learn what to follow when buying a sofa for your living room. 

Why is a sofa such an important part of living room design?

A sofa, couch or corner sofa is a piece of furniture without which it is difficult to imagine a living room. The living room sofa is the backbone of the living room, where life is vibrant. It is on it that friends, family or household members meet. A comfortable sofa for the living room should not only stand out for its excellent design, but also for its comfortable finish, which will make spending time together in the living room even more enjoyable. Since the sofa is often at the center of the living room universe, when choosing it, it's worth remembering to keep the room consistent: whether the sofa will set the main style of the living room or fit in with it is entirely up to you!

Choosing the perfect sofa for your living room can be a relatively difficult task, so we decided to create some tips that may prove helpful when buying a new sofa.

Designer beige sofa for living room
Light beige sofa with black base

What should you pay attention to when choosing a sofa for your living room?

When deciding to buy a sofa, the first thing to consider is what its purpose will be. If your living room, at night becomes a bedroom, make sure that the sofa is not only an elegant accessory that harmonizes the entire interior, but also a functional piece of furniture that allows for a peaceful and carefree sleep. A sofa with a sleeping function can also be an excellent solution for those who like to receive guests in their home. Although the very idea of having a sofa bed is definitely worthy of recommendation, it is worth paying attention to the size of the furniture in question. In living rooms that have a small space to manage, a massive sofa with lush shapes will disturb the proportions of the room, which may result in an un-aesthetic interior finish. In addition, a sofa bed with mismatched dimensions is simply impractical. 

Sofa with sleeping function beige in the living room
Elegant sofa with sleeping function maintained in the climate of modern classic

1 - Style, the determinant of any home

If you want your living room to be your retreat where you feel comfortable no matter what, go for the style that best resonates with your sense of aesthetics and individual preferences.

Scandinavian style

Among the most popular, and therefore also the most common styles is the Scandinavian style, based on the philosophy of hygge, meaning comfort and convenience. The word hygge itself is also translated as , "coziness" by some linguists. The hygge philosophy refers primarily to an inner state of peace and balance, but the concept can also be seen in interior design inspired by the apartments of society living in Scandinavia. The main feature of the Scandinavian style is to keep the interiors in neutral and subdued colors such as white, beige and various shades of gray. Another element to keep in mind is furniture with simple, classic shapes, distinguished by exceptional functionality.

Although Scandinavian-style sofas are characterized by unforced elegance, they will not fit into all interiors. 

Sleeping sofa for living room
Sofa with sleeping function in muted colors, designed in Scandinavian style 

Art Deco 

If subdued, neutral colors are not close to you, and your rooms are decorated with a claw, a sofa maintained in the Art Deco climate may be a good idea. This style is not homogeneous and is largely based on combining classic elements from previous eras with designer and modern accessories. Although at first it may seem that these two extremes will not fit together, the Art Deco style makes the whole room seem cohesive and extravagant at the same time. One of the main principles of Art Deco is the juxtaposition of the past and the future, but it is worth noting that this does not have to (although it can) happen by placing in one room a piece of furniture from a previous era and an innovative design that delights with its unusual appearance even today.

Well, it turns out that more and more world-renowned designers are betting on combining these two completely different concepts in one link - this is how Art Deco climate furniture available in our collection is created. 

Bold Monkey sofa pink
Sofa with an Art Deco vibe

Elegance in the first place, or Glamour style

What distinguishes glamour style from other styles is, first of all, the omnipresent elegance. Interiors decorated in glamour style are characterized by a lot of glitz and often glamour. It is worth noting, however, that a well-arranged room in the glam style will not be associated with the proverbial kitsch, and all the elements will perfectly harmonize with each other. 

Beige sofa with gold base in Glamour style

Sofa in vintage and retro style

The vintage style is based on the use of original elements from years gone by or products inspired by the design of that period. Interestingly, to arrange an interior in this style, you can bet on combining with each other furniture and accessories from the 1920s and 1960s, as well as modern furnishings that perfectly fit into the current trends. In rooms decorated in Vintage style, you can not miss materials such as wood, as well as decorated structures (for example, a table with decorative legs). In addition, you should also keep in mind practical items such as, for example, enameled tableware, which in decades past was found in almost every home.

Vintage and retro-inspired sofas are characterized by intense colors and simple forms.

Retro style brown sofa
Brown sofa in retro style

Loft and industrial style 

Both loft and industrial styles are a response to the needs of the community that inhabited industrial buildings converted into residential properties. Raw finishes and ubiquitous materials such as brick or concrete formed the basis for a whole new style, which today is one of the most popular ways to furnish a home.

Loft style is distinguished by its raw form and a lot of accessories in intense colors, which will bring some life into the interior. Furniture created in the spirit of industrialism is based on steel, modern structures, which are primarily intended to be functional. 

Red sofa for living room
Brick sofa in loft style


The boho style originated from bohemian folk culture, or more precisely, bohemianism, which was mainly artists, musicians, poets and actors. It is a combination of freedom and finesse expression, which aims to create something , "new" and "own". Currently, the most important determinants of the boho style is the use of natural materials such as wood, linen and cotton, as well as placing in the interiors a lot of references to nature (these may be live plants or floral motifs).

The accumulation of colors and the variety of fabrics are also among the most popular features of the boho style

Corduroy sofa in boho style for living room
Corduroy sofa in beige color

2 - Material matters

Material, is able to dramatically change the appearance of the sofa - anyone who has decided to re-upholster an old sofa has found this out. The choice of material should be made on the principle of best fit. To do this, consider the conditions in which the sofa will stand, and then compare with the characteristics of the material in question. During these considerations, it is worth taking into account the external factors to which your sofa may be exposed. If you have children or pets, it's a good idea to bet on a material that is highly resistant to stains and dirt. When buying a sofa, you can choose primarily between leather upholstery or different types of fabric. Both solutions have their advantages, which we will show you in the next part of the article.

Pros of buying sofas upholstered with fabric 

Above all, fabric is characterized by a greater possibility of customization. Thanks to countless color variations, as well as different textures, when you buy a sofa upholstered with fabric, you can choose from hundreds of products with completely different aesthetics. The advantages of fabric include its affordable price. In addition, weaving is a much better choice for people who want their sofa to be easy to care for and clean.

Among the most popular types of fabric are:

  • Polyester — a material known mainly for its durability against the elements, as well as its many uses. Today, it is polyester that is used to make fabrics such as corduroy, suede and even velvet, which until recently was mainly associated with silk. 
  • Wool — a material of natural origin, which gives the sofa a distinctive look. Wool is resistant to dirt and easy to maintain. 
  • Linen — like wool - is a material of natural origin. Its resistance to damage and abrasion is negligible, but its delicate texture and pleasant to the touch finish make linen still used for sofa upholstery. 
  • Cotton — a material that is certainly very familiar to most customers. Nice to the touch, it is unfortunately associated with weaker resistance to damage, as well as an increased chance of color fading. 
Beige upholstered sofa for living room
Folding sofa upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric

Martindale value

Speaking of what to pay attention to when buying a sofa, we also can't forget the important element of Martindele value. For those who have never encountered this type of term before, we already rush to explain. Well, in a nutshell, this value determines the degree of resistance of the sofa to various types of abrasions. The Martindele value depends primarily on the type of material used to upholster the sofa - leather sofas, for example, will have a much higher value than, say, sofas upholstered with cotton or cotton-blend fabric. Below we will give you a brief overview to help you better understand how Martindale value works. 

  • Sofas that score between 20,000 and 25,000 cycles are furniture that will work well for a relatively small number of people who care about the condition of everyday objects.
  • Sofas with a score oscillating between 30,000 and 35,000 cycles are characterized by slightly increased durability and will work well in apartments shared with other tenants or for small families.
  • Couches with a score that oscillates between 35,000 and 50,000 cycles are ideal for a large family, as well as for people with pets and those who use the furniture heavily.
  • On the other hand, when it comes to sofas whose value exceeds 50,000 cycles, we can talk about the greatest durability, which is especially welcome in public places.

    Why should you bet on a sofa upholstered in leather? 

    Leather is a material that requires specialized care, but in return it repays you with a beautiful and timeless appearance. Deciding to buy a leather sofa, you can be sure about the fact that this piece of furniture will spend many years with you. The price you have to pay for sofas made of leather is slightly higher than traditional sodas upholstered with fabric, but its cleaning is usually much easier. When buying a leather sofa, you can also choose from several types of material. Among the most popular are: 

    • Natural skin — material that requires impregnation and proper care during the year, is durable and resistant to most stains, it is not recommended to expose it to direct sunlight. If you have pets, you must expect that natural leather in contact with claws may lose its appearance. 
    • Recycled leather — an ecological solution for those who value environmental care, as well as excellent design. Recycled leather most often has admixtures of polyester, but this does not make it look worse. The good news is that this type of material is cheaper than its predecessor. 
    • Eco leather — is an imitation of leather made from materials that are not of animal origin. It does not require care and impregnation, but its durability is much lower than that of natural leather. 
    Eco leather sofa brown for living room
    Sofa upholstered with ecological leather

    3 - Type of living room sofa

    The last element we want to mention is, of course, the type of sofa for the living room. The type of sofa, as well as its material, should be tailored to individual needs. 

    Classic two or three-seater sofas

    Traditional sofas for two or three people are probably the most popular options. These are lounge pieces that are straightforwardly perfect for both long family visits and evening relaxation. Two- or three-seater sofas are available in many styles and color variations. 

    Sofa beds

    Folding sofas are an alternative to beds in small rooms. If you have limited space and you want your sofa to function as a lounge during the day and a comfortable bed at night, bet on a sofa bed made of high-quality material. 

    Blue sofa with sleeping function
    Light blue sofa with sleeping function

    Corner sofas 

    So-called corner sofas, next to double or triple sofas, are probably the most popular type of lounge sofas. Thanks to the elongated section, corner sofas will fit perfectly into both small and large living rooms, providing comfort and convenience. 

    Corduroy beige corner sofa for living room
    Corduroy corner sofa in beige color

    Modular sofas

    The biggest advantage of modular sofas is undoubtedly the possibility of any arrangement. This is because sofas of this type consist of several elements that can be set up in different configurations depending on your needs. This type of solution can prove especially useful when hosting guests or organizing a party.

    Yellow modular sofa for living room
    Yellow modular sofa for three people

    Chaise lounges

    Chaise lounges are the perfect complement to rooms such as living rooms and hallways. On our website you will find a wide selection of chaise lounges designed for people who appreciate comfort and excellent design. 

    Beige chaise longue for living room with gold base
    Beige chaise longue with gold base

    With the tips we've prepared for you, we hope that choosing the right sofa will come easy to you. If you are looking for a good quality living room sofa with a great design, visit our Eye on Design website and check out our latest sofa collection.

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