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Article: Top interior design trends for 2022

Top interior design trends for 2022

Top interior design trends for 2022

The idea that your home is a sanctuary full of comfort and convenience defines many of the 2022 interior design trends appearing now. If you want to transform your living space, consider trying one or more of these options. From new styles of designer furniture to unique lighting options, there is something for everyone in the new trending styles.

Sofa and pouf in a japandi style arrangement

Warm Tones – Brown Takes Over from Gray

Forget the beiges and buffs of decades long gone and move away from grays that have dominated furniture and accessory trends for the last few years. Warm caramel and deep chocolate tones are taking over. Although all-over neutrals are not popular for 2020, brown provides an amazing backdrop for the next design trend. Green is also a common color for on-trend paint, materials, and accent pieces.

Caramel retro sofa combined with pistachio stoneware side table and aquamarine clay side table

Shades and Materials from Nature

Perhaps a shift toward natural forms, colors, and designs from nature grows to counter the stay-at-home isolation many experience these days. Instead of sleek metal and polished stone, think wood with heavy grain, stoneware, and clay. Fabrics with leaf prints add color while organic accents like driftwood, seedpods, and dried flowers at the touch of personal style.

The catchphrase for 2020 is biophilic design. While interior decorators are not making architectural plans or structural changes, inside space gets a similar treatment. The point is to bring the outside in and create a more nourishing, comfortable, and supportive environment that feeds our need for nature.

Rattan cabinet among accessories made of jute, clay and cotton

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options

If you are looking for designer furniture or a brand-new accent to add to your home, shop smart by choosing more natural items made with environmentally conscious materials and methods. Sustainability is big in today's world, and the natural materials and responsible brands are making a big impact in the market.

Bedding with photorealistic print of a meadow full of flowers

Multi-purpose Rooms and Convertible Spaces 

More than ever before, people use every room in their house for more than one thing. This is especially common with the growing need for remote work. Instead of using a laptop on the couch, the 2022 trend is to create both a comfortable living room and working home office in the same space. The same holds true for child's bedroom and schoolroom. This is primarily done through the use of smaller designer furniture and a separation of style options from one spot to another. Designated workspaces are definitely on trend for the new year.

A designer console in the dining room can be a comfortable place to work

Hi-Tech Smart Homes Hidden by New Tradition

There is no doubt that smart gadgets and other high-tech options remain popular for every room in the house. Eco-friendly smart thermostats, unique lighting with dimmer switches, and a variety of gadgets to keep you connected take center stage. However, amid all this modern convenience, new style trends point to a more traditional and old-fashioned aesthetic.

The grandmillenial style is taking over in a big way. These pieces of designer furniture, fabric choices, accents, and more harken back to grandparents times chintz fabrics, needlepoint, pretty florals, and more. Although commonly used in the brown and green natural shades mentioned above, blue and white is also a fresh alternative.

 Grandmillenial style butterfly wallpaper


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